Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's Been Too Long!

Creativity is my escape. I have not been able to escape much lately, but when I do, WATCH OUT!!

My "studio" is starting to come together. This is a space for painting and paper crafting. Paint and glue doesn't mix well with fabric so I needed a separate place.

This is just one corner of it. I'll give a photo tour once it's complete (which may be a while).
There are 3 projects being painted at the same time, well drying actually I guess.

Project #1

I picked this little drawered shelf up at a yard sale for $5. It was ugly, no doubt. I've been working on this for a week on and off. It took SEVERAL coats of yellow to cover those red drawers. I think it's going to become part of my studio. It holds chipboard letters and other little supplies beautifully!

Project #2

C is for Carter. Her bedroom is done in butterflies so when I saw this scrapbook paper I immediately had a plan. A cardboard letter, some light blue spray paint, mod podge, that scrapbook paper, and a little drying time.... TADA!!!!

Project 3 is the frame in the paint booth. It is also going to be a part of my studio as a inspiration board. I'm going to either put wire in it and clip things or cork in it. Not sure yet.

I've also been sewing. All of these have been made or finished this week. (Sorry for the sideways picture.)

Sadly, Spring Break is over so it may be a while till you see me again. I hope not!!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

As Promised

Here is my favorite table at the dinner, not counting my own of course. It didn't win either. The one that won wasn't neat as cute though.

Latest sewing...

Last craft show this year is coming up tomorrow and Saturday. Then hopefully I can get my seeing room back in working order and set up my other craft and storage room!
Lots of fun stuff to come hopefully!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Table setting

I volunteered to decorate the table for our FCE Club for the FCE Fall Luncheon this year. I've never done this before but armed with the theme Western and a few Pinterest ideas I think I would have made my mom proud.

First Pinterest idea I used was the Mason jars with the napkins (bandanas) in them. Next was the hay on top of 2 more bandanas. And finally, I tea stained some white paper doilies. I wrapped the silverware in these and tied with raffia. Camp plates, aka pie plates, finish the place setting. Most of the stuff on the table is mine, which is why I jumped at the chance to do this in the first place.

And no, I didn't iron the table cloth. It looks a bit like raffia I thought and added to the rustic look. (And I may have destroyed my sewing room and can't really get to my ironing board for such a large piece...)

Only one other club had decorated their table. It is so cute! I'll have to get pictures tomorrow. They used cut off jeans for chair covers and put the napkins in the back pocket. So cute!

Stay tuned for what the other tables look like tomorrow!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


I am just 60 pins away from having 5000 pins on Pinterest. I am sure this means something bad and that I need a life, but I do love me some Pinetrest! I currently have 77 Boards and I am about to have more. I mean, who knew all of the things one could find on there. I need to make more specific boards yet again. (I have done this once already). Then I have to go through 4,940 pins! Cakes and cupcakes are different! My "sewing" board is out of control! My "If I Ever Teach Again" board needs to be split up into about 10 separate boards. Actually, if anyone from Pinterest is listening, and I know you're not, it would be nice to have sub categories in the boards.

I did make something from Pinterest just tonight! So, it's not a total waste of time! My life group will test these out tomorrow!

I may have to try a little piece.

Sewing, yeah, haven't done much of that lately. I desperately need to though! I will soon...promise!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Applique FAIL

AARRRGHHH!! I am about to just give up! This whole applique embroidery thing isn't as easy as it looks. How am I suppose to cut it close enough when its flat in the hoop??? I can't! And then when I tried to get it closer it popped out of the hoop and there is NO WAY I will ever get it back in the exact spot again.GRRRRR!!!


Not to mention I have wasted a cloth diaper!!!


I have come up with a tentative plan.  If I mark my hoop and stablizer then I can take it out and line it back up....I think. But it needs to be exact.  I haven't been brave enough to actually try it again. That and grad school is kicking my butt in papers.  I only have a few days to get this done if I want to get this on a plane!  I might have to deal with just sending bibs. Sigh...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Second Post in Week!

The final burp cloth of the safari set....

And 3 bibs to match. DONE! 
Now what.... Well, I am going to try applique embroidery.  I have never done it before even though I have several designs. 
And I am going to hopefully start on my Flinstones quilt.  This will be my own design with some Flinstones embroidery designs I've had for years! I also have another quilt running around in my mind called Monsters in My Closet. It will have embroidery on it as well. 
I have a couple of commissioned projects coming up and I have to get some more things made before the Craft Fairs start up!  Oktoberfest is just over a month away! Not to mention almost all the babies I know that are being born are within month of each other. 
I guess I have to fit grad school in there too. Writing papers is not nearly as fun as sewing, but oh well.  

Happy Creating!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Almost a YEAR!

Wow!  It has been almost a year since I posted on this blog! How much has happened...most of it in the last month. I went to Swaziland...and will hopefully be going back. I finally quit that horrible job and started grad school! For money I'm going to substitute teach, sew, and create (hopefully things that will sell). What a great time to start this blog back up!

Fall means craft fairs. I have a couple of friends and my dad that are going in together to do a few this fall. First up is Oktoberfest here in Lebanon!

Meanwhile, I'm working on some bibs and burpcloths that have been special ordered. Here's the first couple...

Just a lion one and then matching bibs to go. Well and two papers for school. One goal this semester is to NOT PROCRASTINATE!!  This is a rather lofty goal considering by nature.